Audacious 2015 Opening

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Friday, October 23rd, 2015
From 7:00pm
Koha to the artists
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Ariana Tikao & Mahina-Ina Kaui – A Karakia and Karanga by Ariana Tikao and Mahina-Ina Kaui will open the Audacious Festival of Sonic Arts 2015 followed by a range of performances of taonga pūoro, electro-acoustic improvisation and noise.

Kathleen Kim – is an experimental composer and musician whose current and past projects include LA Fog, SheKhan and Lady Noise. She has a background in classical, jazz and improvisational.

Richard Francis employs musique concrete techniques, and modular synthesis to conjure nuance worlds of sound.

Ladder is Part of the Pit – Dunedin’s finest exponents of electro-acoustic experimentation. The Ladder is Part of the Pit will close the evening with their own exquisite of “glaciated collective sonic ritual prayer“.


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