Audacious Saturday Matinee

11334273_10153069640048865_4940084707864690343_oThe Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Saturday October 24th, 2015
Doors open from 2:30pm

Richard B. Keys & Julia Harvie – High Frequency Trading – A performance piece for electronic sound and dance, that explores the relationship between freedom and improvisation and the  technological and economic forces that influence (and seek to define) the contemporary subject. The piece employs data-sonification of the stock market in real time to produce generative sound which the dancer interprets.

Stanier Black-Five – Oenosthesia III – A further development of the Oenosthesia project that began on a artist residency in Irpinia, Italy. Stanier Black-Five will create a wine soundscape live, the works to extend and augment the texture and flavours of a number of different wines.