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Lost Temple. A Finale

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Saturday 24th June 2017
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a night of selected original works by T.L. Bigelow (Lost Temple)
with special guests.

low key sonic explorations through
16 channel 3d ambisonics with visuals.

◥ ◤

░ Exhibitied Christchurch Works → 18:00

░ Thomas William Downs → 19:00

░ IRD/A.D./Reuben Derrick → 19:30

▐░ Lost Temple: I → 20:15

▐ Intermission▐ 21:30 – Exhibited Christchurch Works

░ [ lucky.s. ] → 22:00

░ P O L O → 22.30

▐░ Lost Temple: II → 23:30

░ Eske/Aiia → 00:00

16-Channel 3D Ambisonics with Visuals & Indoor Plants

Free Entry ░ R18 Venue ░

Opens: 6:00pm [til late]

◢ ◣

An Audacious Decade Festival

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Thursday June 1 – Sunday June 4
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On May 31st 2007, the Borderline Ballroom hosted its first event in the crumbling dancehall that was Christchurch’s Media Club. This gathering initiated ten years of regular sonic happenings in the city, culminating in the establishment of our own permanent artist-run space and the South Island’s first sonic arts gallery, The Auricle. Before The Auricle in its current form closes its doors at the end of June, the Cantabrian Society of Sonic Artists invite you to join us for a four-day celebration of An Audacious Decade!

Before the festival’s full programme appears on this page in the coming weeks, here’s a taste of the exciting events in store: which include an exhibition, live performance nights, film screening and symposium.

Thursday 1st June – 5.30-7.30pm – An Audacious Decade
Exhibition Opening and Audacious Decade Magazine Launch
Facebook event
Past and present intermix in this group show by members of the Cantabrian Society of Sonic Artists (the group behind The Auricle), which both documents the decade through images and sonic artefacts, and features new works by Malcolm Riddoch, Nicolas Woollaston, Adam Willetts and Jo Burzynska. Join us for a preview of the exibition and the opening of the festival, accompanied by wines supplied by Pegasus Bay.

Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd – 7.30pm – Audacious Evenings

Facebook Event 1
Facebook Event 2
Two nights of performance from CSSA members and friends from beyond the city:
Adam Willetts
Motoko Kikkawa / Joanna Osborne
Bruce Russell
Months w/ guests
Aletheia Ensemble
Roy Montgomery

Sunday 4th – 2-5pm – An Audacious Exchange
Sunday Matinee featuring a post-Fluxus Happening and Symposium, followed at 3.30pm by a screening of Zev Asher’s documentary, “What About Me: The Rise of the Nihilist Spasm Band”.

All events are free.

Instant Fantasy x French_concession x Othersun

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Friday 7th October
$10 entry from 8pm
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Instant Fantasy x French_concession x Othersun – Live
Artist Toshi Endo will be doing live visuals!
Instant Fantasy

Instant Fantasy plays sexual hypno-drone; songs about tears, getting moist and that sweat you forgot about that happens when you sleep next to another person. Though the songs are sad they give a sense of freedom; post-orgasm after breaking up with someone. It’s all gold for this synth drone ego-miner.
French_concession 法國租界

Started in Shanghai 2009, French_concession sound has been described by music journalist Martyn Pepperell as “ethereal dream pop vocals, glossy synthesiser arrange-ments and vivid syncopated beatscapes. Aesthetically recalling Darkbloom era Grimes and D’Eon, or even Miharu Koshi’s early Haruomi Hosono produced J-tech-nopop sound, it’s compelling work.”

This time French_concession will be show casing her 4th EP release – ‘At Knifepoint’ – coming out on the 1 Oct, 2016 on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Originally from London, Othersun is an electronic musician and producer currently based in Christchurch. Taking inspiration from a wide range of influences, he forms his own blend of melodic and ambient electronica.

Late last year Othersun released the debut music video for the track Fox. This culminated in a strong online following, setting him up for the release of his debut Away – EP on 31/07/2016, accompanied by the DIY music video for the track Never Alone.

Away – EP is FREE and OUT NOW:

Ecologies of Transduction by Charlotte Parallel

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Showing: 6th-27th October, 2016
Opening: 6th October, 6-8pm
Facebook event
Interactive sound installation


On ecologies of transduction

Looking back, you could say it all started from growing up in the middle of nowhere listening to power poles. Putting my ear up to the wooden pole I was compelled by its voices and the accompanying hum. Thirty years later I am still engaged in the practice of listening as a form of attunement to any given place.

The process of mapping, sensing, detection and transformation are a kind of aural forensics. My ongoing interest in participatory sound works is a means of directing attention to the active forces of a place; in particular, the ways in which we exist in a continuum of and specific concentration within the electromagnetic field through our capacity as a transducer.

Transduction is defined as the transformation of one energy state to another. As a process transduction occurs in everything from our human ear to plants to viruses to our cellphone, articulating a field of relations between one thing and another. Adrian Mackenzie describes this field of relations as a “knotting together of commodities, signs, diagrams, stories, practices, concepts, human and non-human bodies, images and places.”[1]

The activation of sound, linked to a cartographic object has the potential to relay the intersecting and often unseen operations of geo-political, economic, ecological and social infrastructures. The corresponding implications are considered ecologies of transduction.

[1] Adrian Mackenzie, “Theory, Event, Transduction,” 2015.

Charlotte Parallel is a recent MFA graduate at Otago School of Art and a practicing artist in the fields of sculpture, sound installation, collaboration and performance. Often choosing to respond to site in a temporal way. She has been exhibiting within New Zealand consistently over the last 13 years and internationally since 2010.

Since 2003 Dunedin has been the home base for Charlotte Parallel’s artistic activity which includes a range of curatorial and community initiated collaborative art projects. From 2010 specifically with The Anteroom, a project art space based in Port Chalmers. The Anteroom is an artist run space committed to representing experimental projects with a national and international network of exhibiting artists.

Image courtesy Gilbert May

Elastic Sound, Elastic Time

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Saturday 24th September
Artist talk from 2pm
Facebook event


Come along this fine Saturday afternoon to talk with sonic artist John Chrisstoffels about his current Auricle exhibition Jetzt and how it fits into his research.

Jetzt, a German word that means ‘now’ but it sounds and looks a bit like ‘jets’.

‘Now’ or ‘jetzt’ might suggest the ever present moment and for some Germans (perhaps a Hegel or a Heidegger) they might suggest that we pause to think a little deeper about ‘being in time’. Let us imagine that ‘now’ is indeed a ‘jet’. We are passengers seated on a long journey, perhaps the dream destination of our lives. We put our feet up and rest in the knowledge that our safe flight has been measured and calibrated with pinpoint accuracy and we will arrive at our destination on ‘time’. This gives us peace of mind to relax. However, when we think about that something about ‘free will’ appears to gnaw at us inside as we realise we are trapped in a pressurised cabin at 20 000 feet (or a planet hurtling around the sun).

Closing our eyes, we tune into the sounds around us. We hear the hum of the jet engines, and perhaps we catch part of a conversation in a foreign language. There is always the ubiquitous disembodied cry of a baby and importantly the white noise of oxygen pumped around the fuselage. Concentrate hard on the rush of air. We hear it go in and out of phase. Imagine a strange Doppler effect as the sound travelling in the fuselage effected by any number of relative speeds. Yes the speed of sound can be measured but there is at this moment a symphony of infinite possibilities in this moment of being.

John Chrisstoffels has been involved in music and cinematography for over 30 years and presently is a Senior Lecturer in Film at the Canterbury University School of Fine Arts. His research into ‘transient places’ such as Aircraft Fuselages and Airport Terminals are central to his current DocFA thesis.


The Art Ensemble of the Ihutai

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Friday 16th September
Doors open from 8pm
Facebook event


SILENT FORTRESS with special guests Nicolas Woollaston and Naomi Smith.

Presenting an improvised set of unplugged folk noise.  Sounds of hope
and anguish that will cure you of all that ails you.  Let yourself be
turned inside out and gently scrubbed with half-baked electronics,
abused percussion and asymptotic singing.

A prompt start and an early finish so you can also enjoy Stef Animal
and New Dawn at the Darkroom.

Audio Archaeology 002

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Thursday 8th September
Doors open from 7pm
Facebook event


A low key monthly evening of sonic explorations in a gallery setting through a full sphere ambisonic system. An anti club night of sorts, breaking down the four walls that surround generic electronic sound nights.

Lost Temple & Underslung on helm of nightfall proceedings, Guests: The Port’s Bruce Fox and Seaside.

Welcoming back the port’s Flux the Cynic [Grow Room/Inner Ocean/Mt Fuji Tapes]
as our regular resident lo-fi SP-404 hits of the evening on strictly lo-fi hip hop lounge vibes, dusty loops and some lazy rhymes on a couch this time around in the organic lounge sessions with Flux the Cynic & Seaside.

Bruce Fox Returns from across the seas with a live set alongside Master Lupin spinning Wisdm’s instrumental goodness. [Lost Recs/Indie]

Projector running visuals by Audio Archaeology artists.
8-Channel Full Ambisonic Surround Sound, Wall sub
+ Boosted Audio Archaeology System.

Audio Archaeology 002 Guest Schedule:

Lost Temple Selections
7:00pm – 7.45pm

Organic Lounge Sessions with Flux the Cynic & Seaside
7.45pm -8.45pm

Bruce Fox Returns: Live Set with Master Lupin
8.45pm – 9.30pm

Lost Temple & Underslung on Helm
9.30pm – 00:00??

Adam Willetts & Asteroid Anxiety

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Friday 2nd September
Doors open from 7pm
Facebook event



Known mostly for his synthesizer works Adam Willetts will be marking his first performance at the new Auricle gallery with the debut of a new project performing an improvised acoustic work on porutu.

Born in the UK, Asteroid Anxiety was trapped in Russia for many years before escaping to New Zealand. He fled over the icy tundra with rudimentary instruments cobbled together from Soviet space program castaways and nuclear industry detritus, saving them from destruction at the hands of Orthodox vigilantes. Early murmurings about debilitating bucolic influences proved deceptive and his music continues to exist as a cold, dark wasteland devoid of life.