Awesome Vortex

rosenrotlolThe Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Sat Aug 30, 2014
Doors open 7pm
$5 door to the artists
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The Auricle warmly invites you to a performance by Tim Coster and Adam Willetts, performing solo and together as Awesome Vortex.

Born in Auckland, Tim Coster currently resides in Melbourne, working as a musician and sound artist with a particular focus on published audio releases and live performances. He records and performs using modular synthesizer, cassettes, and other electronics to create melodic and textural sound environments.

Adam Willetts is a local Christchurch artist, who works in both the visual and sonic arts. Using a modular synthesizer he composes and performs live electronic music crafting percussive and textural pieces that are raw and minimal yet ceaselessly shifting, fracturing, collapsing, transforming and evolving.

Photography © 2014 Marine Aubert