Peter Barnard’s Transnational Rhythms

Peter Barnard

Transnational Rhythms
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Transnational Rhythms is a performance work that considers the possibility of a gift economy as a positive alternative to the current economic model focused on the interests of the self. Drawing parallels to how a number of online communities operate with the free distribution of media or software through downloading – participants are invited to download an audio piece that is given away for free. Within this work are spoken instructions in the form of different voice-overs that asks participants to perform gestures/actions in response to how current policies involving the privatisation of spaces contradict democracy, equality, social and environmental justice.

Peter Barnard’s practice incorporates video, installation, sculpture and sound. Combining elements of minimalistic sculpture with audio compositions – Barnard creates work which calls into question the functionality of sound as it influences our experience of certain spaces and objects. Portions of auditory phenomena are purposefully isolated and expanded using subtle modulation via digital tools, initiating a more intense listening process on the audience’s part in relation to aesthetic experience. Recent exhibitions have included: A Europe for All by All – Hundred Years Gallery, London (2014), Parallel Moment – Denton, Texas (2013), PUNK SALON – Schwartz Gallery, London (2013). Barnard’s work has also been featured in a number of radio programmes including The stranger that is next to me curated by Brandon Labelle (Echoes &, 2014). Peter Barnard studied Fine Art at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton.

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