Jeremy Blank’s Message to the Oracle

Oracle Message to the Oracle

This work came from involvement in the OUTSIDE 11 exhibition at Cuckoo Farm Artist Studios, Colchester, Essex UK. I had sent imagery and text via the internet as a diary / message in a bottle from Australia. The theme of the exhibition was to explore notions of displacement. The Message to The Oracle developed those remote responses to displacement while also returning to a previous thematic interest of the perceived (spiritual) need for humans to believe in some benevolent ‘other’. Another reference was Will Smith’s ‘I Am Legend’ where his character visits a particular spot by the harbour each day to send a call for other survivors to join him. In this sense the work I created calls into question any attempt to seek external validation, empathy or support.

Jeremy Blank: “Being involved in the making of art, or the attempt to make art in a time where everyone ‘is an artist’has been challenging, rewarding, frustrating, liberating and helped me travel around the world. Rule 1.I don’t go where I am not invited to go. I have developed my own work in ways to challenge myself, realizing works from many different mediums I have effectively taught myself although I had some pretty hefty training along the way, and much that I have had to work through to ‘unlearn’ after having spent years learning! Studied at Colchester Institute of Art, UK. Chelsea School of Art, London UK, Goldsmiths College, London, UK. Curtin University, WA, Australia”.

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