Captured Space exhibition opening

Captured SpaceThe Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Exhibition opening 5 June, 6-8pm
Free entry
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Join us for the opening of the Eric La Casa and Philip Samartzis sound art work Captured Space, an 8 channel soundscape recording and collaborative artistic project that occupies two parallel environments – the natural and the constructed. Whilst the natural world of South Africa’s Kruger National Park is wild and occasionally ferocious, the constructed world of roads and settlements is pedestrian, designed to keep visitors comfortable and safe from the daily struggle of life and death. From the vantage point of the car one can witness an extraordinary habitat comprising a familiar cast of characters. Yet no matter how far or wide one travels one cannot easily escape the confined space of the car or the high voltage electric fence encircling the tourist resort. Whilst African animals are the mainstay of zoos around the world, at Kruger the animals are the vigilant keepers of an exotic mix of people confined to the smallest of spaces for their own self preservation.