Continuous Flow Machines by Clemens von Reusner

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Showing: 2-31 July, 2015
Opening: Thursday 2nd July, 6-8pm
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Continuous Flow Machines is an 8 channel 3rd order ambisonic soundscape (60’00’’) recorded at the Pfleiderer Institute for Fluid Machinery, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany and reproduced in the Auricle’s 8.1 ambisonic surround sound Gallery.

Listen to the unremarkable stasis of steady flow, moving aimlessly forward in always new sound layers by gradual compression and uncompression, speaking for nothing other than itself.

German composer, sonic artist and musicologist Clemens von Reusner studied percussion with Abbey Rader and Peter Giger, has been engaged in electronic music and soundscape composition since the 1970’s, and developed the pioneering graphical scoring application Kandinsky Music Painter.