Daniel Lercher – Artist Seminar and Performance

auricleThe Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Saturday February 21, 2015
Seminar from 3pm
Performance from 8:00pm
Free event
Facebook event

Born 1983 in the Austrian countryside, currently living and working in Vienna as a freelance composer/sound-artist/musician. Daniel works in the fields of electroacoustic composition/improvisation, sound art, phonography, live-electronics, installations. And composes music for dance & films.


Daniel will be hosting an artist seminar at 2PM at the Auricle where he will discuss the possibilities of electroacoustic music practice and will play some reference pieces.


Daniel will be performing a multichannel performance using laptop and software he programmed with Max/Msp.

Support from Grvdggr from Dunedin…

Grvdggr aka Brendan Jon Philip explores a laptop based improvisation using virtual instruments and live effects processing. In contrast to the highly physical guitar performances he is noted for, this new suite of work moves from this predominantly immaterial point of origin and navigates a terrain of semblances and associations into an open ended structure of sonic and narrative space with looping drones and disciplined minimalism.

He was a founded member of experimental sound and arts venue None Gallery in Dunedin. He returned to None in 2012 and continues to assist in developing projects and events through the space.  Brendan additionally plays bass guitar with Dunedin psychedelic stalwarts, Wolfskull.