FESTA 2014: Soundsky

soundskyThe Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Exhibition opening: Friday 24 October, 6pm-late
Exhibition: Saturday 25 October & Sunday 26 October, 12-5pm
Workshop: Sunday 26 October, 2-3pm
Guided tour: Monday 27 October, 2-3pm
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Come time travel via this emerging invisible layer of stories, sounds and speculative futures for Christchurch. Sound Sky is a geo-located audioscape that is discoverable via mobile phone. Leave a message from your future self via the app (only on iOS from App Store), exhibition or workshops.

In collaboration with A Brave New City, the workshops will imagine multiple possible futures for Christchurch, of which you are a part. What is this city going to be like in the future? What does your future self think of it? Come find out!

Sound Sky is brought to you by Trudy Lane & Halsey Burgun in collaboration with A Brave New City & Dr Malcolm Riddoch from the Cantabrian Society of Sonic Artists (CSSA).