Forest Fire by M.E.Grimm

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Showing: 3rd-31st March, 2016
Opening: Thursday 3rd March, 6-8pm
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FOREST FIRE simulates “the accident” by pulling real-time online weather data from ecologically volatile regions in California, US. High temperatures in conjunction with wind speed, coupled with low humidity, create conditions optimal for combustion. This work utilizes these parameters to synthesize the sound of a forest fire engulfing the listener in the situational dynamics of disaster when environmental conditions are ripe for nature to exploit. Sound is fully synthesized with computer software and fire predictions are heard in the form of hissing, crackling, creaking, flames and wind. Sound synthesis and visuals are realized using the visual programming language Pd (Puredata) and draw inspiration from the sound design work of Andy Farnell.

m.e.grimm has been experimenting with digital and analog sound, in various forms, since the mid 1990’s. An artist based in Ithaca, NY, Grimm teaches media arts and technology theory. More of his work can be found at