Horacio Pollard

Horacio Pollard NZ Tour 2014The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Tuesday 15th April, from 8pm
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Join half English, half Argentine, Ibiza-born ‘noise-eccentric’ HORACIO POLLARD on the Ōtautahi leg of his Aotearoa NZ tour. Armed with a plethora of (mal)functioning and obsolete electronics, he’s threatening to deliver a “nauseating yet ecstatic avalanche of disemboweling disco-hits filled with foul slap bass, vaginal harmonicas and soporifically iconoclastic grooves. HOLGER HILLER meets BRAINBOMBS meets MOHA! – like the caustic fury of a cosmic flatulence suspended in the dead space of an erotic, Kubrickian sci-fi nightmare”.

HP will be supported on the night by local noise artist Regressor.