Little Timothoy

unnamedFantastic Princess & Friends presents The Shit or LITTLE TIMOTHOY
The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Saturday 20th June, 2015
From 5:30pm
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Little Timothoy is perhaps the greatest work by the eponymous Fantastic Princess. Spanning a grotesque 40 minutes of diverse elements such as noise, avant-garde music, a children’s storybook and a myriad of lo-fi recording techniques, it remains a masterpiece 5 years after its creation. It has however gone unreleased for this entire time though, and it is now time for an official release.
Listen to Little Timothoy in it’s entirety, superbly reproduced on the silky speakers within the warm walls of The Auricle, drink a beverage, chat to the creators and pick up your own copy of the CD ($10.00). Each copy is handmade and unique (this is a very limited edition of 50).
The piece will be played in it’s entirety starting 6:30pm. It will not be looped, but can be replayed later in the night on request.