Momentum by Nat Grant

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Showing: 12-5pm, 4-28 December, 2014
Opening: 4 December, 6-8pm
12 channel recording
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Momentum is a collaborative composition in 12 movements, one for each month of 2012. The work was created over the course of the year with over 60 people from around the world contributing sounds to be included. All 12 compositions are arranged in 12 individual ambisonic channels allowing the listener to move around the gallery space and thus the 12 months of the year.

Nat Grant is a Melbourne Australia based sonic artist whose work explores the intersections between improvisation, chance, and intention in the development of sound as a sculptural medium. Through the integration of electronic processing and sampling with acoustic sound recordings, she creates cumulative sound works that link consciousness and memory, allowing interaction between human and natural environments.