Our Love will Destroy the World

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Saturday November 29, 2014
Doors open 7:00pm
$5 on the door to the artists
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Join us and Featherstone’s one and only Campbell Kneale for an experience of maximal microtonal violence, extreme body gnosis, and broken-guitar mumbo-jumbo. Arising from the ashes of Birchville Cat Motel his current project Our Love will Destroy the World involves excoriating blood-drones and blitzkrieg ragas from Nowhere, New Zealand, in search of fleeting moments of infinite density; where everything is louder than everything else, time slows to a crawl, and brains under stress slip into warm, prickly comas.

Accompanied by Peter Wright bowing a dying communications satellite through the decaying orbits of twelve chiming strings and a multi-layered haze of failing electronics. Nice.

The DontFuckWithMagic mobile shop will also be on hand dispensing hard to find, not available, CDRs and LPs.