Blair Parkes’ Condensations

condensations : birds graphic Condensations
Stereo Recording 4’02”

A one hour recording, Oram Ave, New Brighton, 5-6am, on the last dawn of 2013, condensed into a four minute piece. Condensations is one of an ongoing series of time-based, environmentally driven works involving sound, video and recovered materials. The recording has been sliced, compiled and played concurrently into condensations of four minutes and thirty seconds duration. Condensations are made with a minimum of editing, technical intervention or processing beyond compilation and low frequency cut.

Blair Parkes is a New Brighton, Christchurch NZ artist who has been working with sound and vision since 1987. His multidisciplinary practice includes painting, video and musical composition for advertising, film, theatre and events collaborations. He has a number of music releases both solo and with bands such as Range, the L.E.D.s, All Fall Down (Flying Nun) and Saturations.

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