Party Of Special Things To Do with Franziska Baumann (Switzerland)

Franziska BaumannThe Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Saturday 6th February, 2016
From 8pm
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The Auricles monthly improv night is back!

Special guest Franziska Baumann is a pioneer in extended vocal technique and interdisciplinary performance whose work discloses the intersection of voice and gesture, space and sound in an effort to discover and weave together new modes of perception, vocal creation and its theatricality.

As a vocalist she explores the human voice as a multi-faceted instrument expanding traditional boundaries. She has developed an extensive vocabulary of experimental and extended vocal techniques such as multiphonics and glottal clicks and a variety of unique microtonal, timbre-modifying and percussive vocal techniques that have become her “signature sounds”. Exploring new sounds, new vocal techniques and new forms of articulation, whereby great emphasis is placed on establishing improvisation. Central to her vocal concepts are also the areas of music scenery and the interdisciplinary work with electronics, video, visual arts and literature, as well as the juxtaposition of contrasting elements found in contemporary music, jazz and ethno.

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