Pat Kraus DIY Synth Workshop

Kraus at FTP with Liam Bowen 20 april 2014The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Sat June 21, 2014
3 – 4:30pm
Free entry (any and all koha to the artists)
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Pat Kraus is down from Auckland this weekend and would like to share his sonic arts experiences in using DIY synthesisers in experimental music. All are welcome!

A former member of The Futurians and The Aesthetics, Kraus has been described as “a national treasure” and “one of the most quietly important and interesting people making music in New Zealand” (New Zealand Listener). Over 10 years and more than a dozen releases his work has encompassed pounding Neanderthal rock, exotic modal guitar ballads, and laser-beam-in-the-face electronics. In this workshop he will demonstrate the use of his handmade synths, fuzz guitar, tape-loops and bamboo flute.

“Corrosive and masterful” – The Wire
“Fantastically demented” – Aquarius Records