Voronoi – Yucca Flat, Nevada


Voronoi’s Yuuca Flat, Nevada.
Digital download, art prints, and text by Jared Wells.

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Voronoi’s Yucca Flat, Nevada is a hymn to mutually ensured destruction. Named after a nuclear test site in Nevada, in which a mock American suburbia was subject to a nuclear blast, the album explores notions of temporality, memory, nostalgia, and the apocalyptic dread associated with the possibility of a nuclear event.

Deconstructed rave chords, are spliced with samples of electromagnetism, producing feelings of technologically enduced rapture. Bass drones, and walls of distortion bombard the listener. Whilst nuanced noise textures, and ambiance evoke melancholy and nostalgia for a simpler age.

The insane evocations of Robert J Oppenheimer, ring out in one of the albums tracks; “I have become death the destroyer of worlds”, evoking both feelings of dread and absurdity, as the inherent death-fetish of the military-industrial complex is laid bare.

Voronoi is the ambient/experimental electronic project of Littleton based artist Richard B. Keys.

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