Writing Around Sound #3 – The Contemporary Sound Object


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Writing Around Sound is a New Zealand based arts journal that engages with audio culture and contemporary sound practice.

Our third issue explores contemporary interpretations of Pierre Schaeffer’s notion of the sonorous object (sound object).

The Contemporary Sound Object: Introduction
Jo Burzynska and Richard B. Keys

On The Inner-Perceived Sound Objects
Isabelle Delmotte

No More Driver Call Me
Bruce Russell

Catherine M. Dale

Platform Politics
Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst interviewed by Georgina Watson
and Richard B. Keys

Westfield Isles
Awe IX / Quantum Natives

Emi Pogoni

Sisters Akousmatica
Julia Drouhin and Pip Stafford

Sound Objection/Sound Focus
Karl Liesky

Computational Audio-visual Temporalities
Kynan Tan

The Excluded Third
Hamish Winn