Roy Montgomery, Bruce Russell and Guests

Russell and MontgomeryFriday, December 6, 2013
8:00pm until 11:00pm
$15 entry
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The Auricle is proud to present a double bill of local legends, Bruce Russell and Roy Montgomery plus guests on Friday 6th December. This is a fundraising event with all proceeds going back to help set up The Auricle.

In a rare performance, Roy Montgomery (guitar) will be presenting a new work: a live improvisation for electric guitar, two violas and floor toms. He will be joined by long standing collaborator, Dunedin drummer Peter Stapleton on percussion along with guest viola players (to be announced).

Bruce Russell will be deploying his patented ‘mock stereo’ electric guitar set-up, pushing ice-floe-sized bursts of sonic debris through a fine-grained electronic mesh of circuitry. Light blue touch paper and stand well clear.

Roy Montgomery is an occasional guitarist/composer and a very infrequent performer. He has recorded some sixteen albums either as a solo performer or in collaboration with others in groups such as The Pin Group and Dadamah. His work is predominantly instrumental and filmic in orientation although he sometimes strays into lyric territory. He is rather too obdurately situated in a low-tech recording aesthetic for his own good at times but his “less-is-more” motto is not entirely an exercise in laziness-deflecting sophistry.

Bruce Russell is a practitioner in sound, who since 1987 has been a member of the Dead C. This genre-dissolving New Zealand trio, mixes rock, electro-acoustics, noise and improvisation in equal measures. He has also been active as a solo artist, and directed two of New Zealand’s vanguard labels, Xpressway and Corpus Hermeticum.