Russian Tsarlag @ The Auricle

russian_tsarlagThe Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Friday 26th February, 2016
From 8pm
Facebook event

As part of his NZ tour Russian Tsarlag (of Providence Rhode Island) will be appearing @ The Auricle this coming Friday, alongside Les Baxters & File Folder!

“A lot of bands are from Providence, Rhode Island but few as much as Russian Tsarlag, the monolithic musical project of filmmaker and comics artist Carlos G. I am fortunate enough to have seen Tsarlag evolve over the last decade++ and I still hesitate to describe what one might be getting into: A showman first and foremost with a crooner’s brood, a voice front and centre behind a cluster of derelict instruments, tape loops, and liquids. Memorable, charming, unusual, and quiet–because it can be, because every time I have seen him the audience is spellbound or cautiously curious. Countless cassette and vinyl releases across Not Not fun, Night People, Hot Releases, Unskilled Labour, ad nausea. His first visit to the southern hemisphere.”