Sculptures: 5

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Showing: 2nd April – 5th May, 2015
Opening: 2nd April, 6-8pm
Kinetic Sound Installation
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sculptures: 5 is a kinetic sound installation that binds together multiple senses through audio signal. This continues an engagement with the translation of sonic materials by cross-modally working between sound, movement and light. This work articulates the complex relations of sound waves by creating a visual, audible and physical representation of phase space that realises the sensory affect of the spatial arrangement of waves.

Kynan Tan is an artist working with digital processes to investigate networks, data transference and relational structures between multiple senses. These works take the form of multi-screen audio-visual performances, installations, 3D-printed sculptures, improvised sound, and kinetic artworks involving electronic circuits, speakers and lights.

Andrew Brooks is a Sydney ­based artist, writer, curator and organiser whose work takes the form of installations, performances, text works and sound recordings.

Photography by Marine Aubert