Sensation: a multisensory dining experience

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Saturday June 27, 2015
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Food, sound and visual art combine in Sensation, an evening of multisensory dining that’s likely the first public event of its kind in New Zealand. Chef Alex Davies, sound artist and wine writer Jo Burzynska and visual artist, Toshi Endo will be creating a seven-course immersive experience designed to stimulate all the senses.

Recent developments in psychology have shown the complex ways in which the senses interact, which can be harnessed to heighten the diner’s enjoyment of a meal. Sensation is a collaboration that taps into these synergies and employs the findings of this new wave of “neurogastronomical” research.

Fusing food with art, each of the seven courses will explore a different mood or theme. Textures, aromas, flavours, colours, images and sounds work in harmony in the combination of dishes, wines and specially composed music and live visuals.
Sensation is a one-off pop-up event hosted in the auditorium of The Auricle gallery, an establishment that has a strong connection with the multisensory in boasting the world’s first wine and sound bar.

Artist biographies

Alex Davies has made his name through the seasonal cuisine he serves from his tiny kitchen at Shop Eight in Christchurch. Since January 2013 he has been using exclusively local produce to design dishes of surprising complexity. Challenging himself to a daily changing menu his food is ever evolving and is recognised for its intelligence, creativity and resourcefulness.

Jo Burzynska is a wine writer who pens one of the country’s most widely read wine columns in the New Zealand Herald’s Viva magazine, contributes to specialist wine publications worldwide and is the author of Wine Class: all you need to know about wine in New Zealand (Random House). She is also an active sound artist who combines her interests in taste and sound in various multisensory projects, such as The Auricle wine and sound bar.

Toshi Endo is a multimedia artist who specialises in digital technology. He has a Masters of Creative Media and has worked widely in the digital media industries: from lectureship roles in art and design to video game production. He has exhibited across New Zealand; with international shows and publications in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Japan.

Photography © Marine Aubert