Siren Soundsystem and Saturations

unnamedThe Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Friday, July 24th, 2015
From 7:00pm
Facebook event

 Siren Soundsystem and Saturations in a ‘friendly’ dance off and music exchange at the Auricle on Friday 24th

DJ Kiran Dass: Confusing F’ng Nun wrong speed wonders, glossy sleety synth pop, postpunk and lots of it, 60s psych to defrost to, cocaine hangover bloat pop, THE FALL & oddities.

Saturations: fresh from the studio with an ep on high rotate, an exclusive seven inch single set,  spanning the sublime limits of scratchy pop.
Miss Mercury: freeze/thaw cycle of icy darkwave and sweet electro, plus some trashy pop to boot.