Tasting Notes: A multisensory tasting of craft beers

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Friday, October 30th, 2015
From 7:30pm
$35/seat – bookings essential
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A multisensory tasting of craft beers paired with music performances by the brewers themselves! Ticket includes seven different beers, each paired with a matching live music performance. Food platters to share will be provided.

Explore the stirring synergies between craft beer and experimental music at The Auricle! Just as drinks are complemented by food that enhances their flavours and aromas, sound waves have a profound effect on the perception of taste. Craft beer enthusiasts and music lovers are invited to join us in a unique multisensory tasting of fine craft beers and specially composed music.

Wine critic and sound artist Jo Burzynska will introduce you to the concept of taste and music matching, then will lead you through the tasting of 7 special brews paired with complementary tunes performed live by the brewers and collaborators.