Teen Haters vs The Escalation

teenhatersThe Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Saturday July 4th, 2015
From 8:00pm
Facebook event

The Auricle extends an invite to the brave and foolhardy to venture forth on the evening of July 4 and witness a mid-winter sonic stouch between Teen Haters [Miss Mercury & Mr Repetition] and The Escalation [Mr Noisy & Mr Strangely Familiar]*.

Gape in awe at the flexing of taut strings; flinch at the squeals of misbehaving electronics; wonder at the perplexing tangle of cables and wrangling of mysterious knobs; gasp in horror at the flagrant and joyous disregard for professional musicianship in a public space.

Recover afterwards in the Auricle Wine Bar with some fine beverages, accompanied by lite entertainment courtesy of DJ Interior Design. Entry is free. Space is strictly limited. BYO wet wipes and hand towels.

* The names of the performing artists have been altered to protect the ignorant

Photography © Marine Aubert