Transnational Express – Various Artists

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Showing: 12-5pm, 3-26 July, 2014
Opening: 3 July, 6-8pm

Our globally networked communities comprise a world of constant change and a multiplicity of voices brought together by a planetary technological ordering that transgresses national borders, ethnicities, language and cultural difference. In the first of the Auricle Listening Lounge series we bring you an aural showcase of sonic artists from around our networked world.

Featured Artists:
Peter Barnard (London, UK) – Transnational Rhythms
Jeremy Blank (Perth, Aus) – Message to the Oracle
Gust Burns (Seattle, US) – Review Studies (II)
Alan Dunn (Leeds, UK) – Artists’ uses of the word revolution
Blair Parkes (Christchurch, NZ) – Condensations
Nichola Scrutton (Glasgow, Scotland) – HearAfter

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