Wine and music matching workshop

Wine and soundThe Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Friday June 19, 2015
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If you’re a music and wine lover that hasn’t yet experienced Jo Burzynska’s fascinating introductory wine and music matching workshop, this tasting-with-a-difference is a must. Jo – who is both a wine writer and sonic artist – will be exploring the surprisingly powerful synergies between wine and sound.

Through pairing a diverse selection of delicious wines with a wide array of music, Jo will explore the harmonies and discords that can be created by different combinations and illustrate how the perception of a wine’s flavours can be altered by what we’re listening to when we drink it.

Burzynska is one of the country’s most widely read wine writers, penning regular columns in The Press, New Zealand Herald and Wine NZ and is the author of Wine Class: All You Need to Know About Wine in New Zealand (Random House). She is also an active sound artist, recording and performing under the name Stanier Black-Five, whose work in recent years has increasingly combined her interests in music and wine in a series of multisensory pieces and workshops.

The Auricle is a sonic arts venue that features the world’s first wine and sound bar, whose wine list is curated by Jo to complement the various exhibitions and music played in the space.

More information about Burzynska’s wine writing can be found at and her sound art at