The Auricle Wine & Sound Bar

The Auricle Wine and Sound BarThe World’s First “Oenosthetic” Wine Bar!
Closed until further notice

Attached to the Auricle’s sonic arts gallery, was what we believe to have been the world’s first dedicated wine and sound bar. Every month, leading New Zealand wine writer and sound artist, Jo Burzynska curated a wine list matched to the exhibition and the music playing in the space.

This innovative approach aimed to heighten the experience of both the wine and the music delivered in the space using cutting edge crossmodal research into the interaction between sound and taste. As soon as the bar opened in August 2014 we began running special themed nights, including regular Wine and Sound Matching Workshops, a Riesling Lounge and a Multi sensory Banquet, in which all the music is selected to enhance the appreciation of wines.

As well as being compatible with the sounds in the space, given her extensive background in wine as a New Zealand Herald wine columnist and editor of Wine NZ magazine, Jo’s wine lists should prove to have been some of the most exciting and eclectic in the country. These embraced both intriguing local and overseas labels and took visitors on a journey of discovery into the worlds of wine, sound and the fascinating place where these two intersect.

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