Writing Around Sound 3 Sydney launch

Wednesday 1st March


The Black Box (D106, First floor, D Block)
UNSW Art & Design
Cnr Greens Rd & Oxford St
Sydney NSW 2021


Writing Around Sound heads to Australia to host its inaugural launch in the country at UNSW’s Black Box on 1st March. In this, its third issue, the theme – The Contemporary Sound Object – is explored through features that include Catherine Dale’s investigation into the subtle pleasures of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) to an interview with Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst; the collective female radio walking acousmonium of Sisters Akousmatika to Bruce Russell’s assertion that sound object is society itself.


Writing Around Sound editors, Jo Burzynska and Richard B Keys, will open proceedings soon after 6pm with an introduction to the journal and the theme. This will be followed by live performances by Writing Around Sound 3 contributor, Kynan Tan and NZ/Australia-based artist Nathan Thompson, as well as the Australian premiere of Jo Burzynska’s multisensory wine and sound work, Oenosthesia. Further details below.
Copies of Writing Around Sound 3 will be available for purchase at $10 a copy at the event and also available through The Auricle’s online store.


This event is hosted with the support of UNSW Art & Design andSound, Energies, Environments (Sydney, Australia), The Auricle (Christchurch, New Zealand) and Creative New Zealand.


Kynan Tan
Multisensory temporalities explored through digital manifestations of sound and video
Kynan Tan, who exhibited at The Auricle in 2015, is an artist interested in networks, relationality and digital systems of control, exploring these areas through artworks that are themselves multi-sensory relational structures. These works engage with digital aesthetics, code and data, taking form as multi-screen audiovisual performances and installations, 3D-printed sculptures, sound, and kinetic artworks of electronic circuits, speakers and lights.

Nathan Thompson
Steel plate and resonant glass feedback performance
Nathan Thompson is an artist and musician. His sound work uses the adaptive qualities of audio feedback as a musical medium. He has performed solo under the name ‘Expansion Bay’ and is a founding member of experimental music ensembles Sandoz Lab Technicians and Eye and has released music on variety of international labels including Corpus Hermeticum, Last Visible Dog, and Siltbreeze. He has also regularly exhibited sound installations that combine feedback, materials and the acoustic properties of their environment.

Jo Burzynska
Oenosthesia: blending wine and sound
Jo Burzynska is a multisensory artist currently exploring the way sound influences perceptions of taste. In Oenosthesia, she draws on her practice as a sonic artist and a wine writer in this soundscape created from recordings of the winemaking process, in which the changing timbres and frequencies work with different wines tasted over its 20-minute duration. As part of her practice-led PhD research at UNSW, Jo will be inviting feedback from participants following its presentation. Wines kindly supplied by Quartz Reef, Pegasus Bay and The Boneline.