Westfield Isles

Westfield Isles
Post Anthropocene
Awe IX / Quantum Natives


“Undine, kelp-strewn, walls of sonorous brine sluice through shards of laminated cardboard; limb and feature, permeating beaches of ground rust and packaging plastic; corrosion red flecked with start-up palette primaries.

A stuttering signal-drop gibber underlies most dialects of this era, emerging in blunt piano-hammer metric, shimmering choral crescendo or idiomatic market babble. These stammers and repetitions live also in the architectural facets of the land, breeding in the yawning frames where mirrored glass once wrapped and gilded, teeming in the molded nests of a now ruptured and warped homogeneity.

Upon this new syntax are sigils and notifications, chalk-scrawled or etched with flint, or sharpened quills plucked from bristling vehicles, looted shop-front props, obsolete mobile charger cables and accessories. Some are threats and boasts; many revelling vocalisations, carnival flyers of flotsam and sea-smoothed tech debris. They pucker and tuck the landscape into neat points of coherence, whorls in a tattered tablecloth that scoop and suck the jagged muddle towards zones of shambolic assembly. Periodically birthed by these crumpled ovums, chittering, clanking katamari snowball across the post-cityscapes, there velocity nudged by weldings of tin kicks, air pads, and crackled record cuts”

Awe IX is a UK born, Taiwan based visual artist and one half of Quantum Natives, alongside James B Stringer.  Quantum Natives is a world building endeavour hosted online and built collaboratively through digital music releases, art exhibitions and net narratives, embedded into lateral space and stacked dimensions.

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