Beauty Flab for John Watermann by Justyna Burzynska

Justyna Burzynska is an illustrator and curator based in London, England. Her piece Beauty Flab for John Watermann is a celebration the cut-up electronics and humour of the composer. Burzynska’s illustrative work tends towards depicting sound and music, having created numerous artworks for sound events and artists over the last decade. Often infused with comedy and the surreal, she works across mediums. Her interest in sound curation developed over the course of an Arts Policy & Management masters, in which she specialized in displaying and promoting sound work in London. In 2015, she curated London: A Sonic Fragment at the Auricle, in Christchurch, New Zealand: A group show that exhibited London’s diverse sound art scene. She organises the annual experimental club night Club Jigoku with musician Nurvuss, bringing together queer noise, hip hop and outsider music. She enjoys regularly DJing across London at her own events and others.

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